[gambit-list] good language for real time application?

Patrick D. Logan patrickdlogan at stardecisions.com
Wed Feb 7 13:54:12 EST 2007

Vincent wrote ..

> I think it would be possible to write it using
> statically allocated data structures.  Since the boot
> CD would use the computer as a single purpose machine,
> I could just take all the memory available and manage
> it myself rather than using the OS to allocate or
> deallocate.

Yes, "real-time" generally means "perform within some predictable limits" for time, space, whatever. I am aware of a few real-time systems built with commercial Smalltalk implementations that do essentially pre-allocation of pools of things and put other kinds of controls on the dynamic nature of things.

Erlang is another example. So it comes down to the kinds of limits you have and can you put enough control over things that may blow past those limits.


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