[gambit-list] good language for real time application?

Vincent vly3 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 7 13:23:06 EST 2007

> The answer is "it depends".  What kind of real-time
> constraints do  
> you have in your application?  Moreover, what is the
> quantity of live  
> data?  Can you get by with statically allocated data
> structures or is  
> all allocated dynamically?

I haven't gotten started yet, and I don't have any
experience with real time development, so I'm not sure
what the constraints are.  Ultimately I'd like to
replace the Internet and phone system with a global
P2P network, which also uses a P2P money system to pay
nodes for cooperation.  Long distance links might
require hundreds or thousands of hops.  For this to
succeed, the latency at each hop needs to be minimized
to the bare minimum.  I want to try to do this using
standard PCs converted to single purpose routers with
a Linux boot CD.  Slashdot had a discussion awhile
back about Linux having real time capabilities built
into the kernel starting from version 2.6.18


So I guess I'd like to write my application to perform
on par with the capabilities of the Linux kernel - not
to introduce any significant delays beyond what the
kernel does.

I think it would be possible to write it using
statically allocated data structures.  Since the boot
CD would use the computer as a single purpose machine,
I could just take all the memory available and manage
it myself rather than using the OS to allocate or

Thank you for the offer of old code.  At this point I
don't know Lisp or Scheme yet - I'm just starting to
learn.  Just trying to get an idea if this language
could do what I want, or if I'll have to use C.


> > Does it have a real time garbage collector?
> Not the standard release, but I could dig up some
> old code that we  
> did use for research if you want to experiment
> (http:// 
> www.iro.umontreal.ca/~feeley/papers/ismm98.ps.gz).
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