[gambit-list] print vs. display segfault

Christian Jaeger christian at pflanze.mine.nu
Thu Apr 26 10:48:52 EDT 2007

On my 4.0 beta 21 installation (compiled with single-host and shared),
this doesn't segfault:

(define (string-escape string chars
                   #!optional (escape (lambda (c) (print #\\ c))) port)
  (let ((pred? (%string-charset->pred chars))
    (output (or port (open-output-string ""))))
       (string-for-each ;; <--from srfi-13
    (lambda (c)
      (if (pred? c)
          (escape c)
          (print c)))    ; this is where the anti-magic happens
    (or port (get-output-string output))))

Note that I did change it at two locations:
- with-output-port is not present in beta 21 (neither did I find it in
the manual of beta 22), so I did change to with-output-to-port
- with-output-to-port expect a thunk as second argument, so I did wrap
it in (& ) where this is a macro defined by myself (I deserve the right
to use my own code too, now :^)):

(define-macro (& first . rest)
  `(lambda() ,first , at rest))


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