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Sorry, for the last question! I solved it just after posting.  In the
compiled version of the code I sent the process terminated before the
thread got a chance to execute the display... I added a (thread-sleep!
1)  at the end and I saw the message appear. 


I will look further in my code to see why I am not getting the expected
outputs in the console from my threads... 


Francois Magnan




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I have a strange problem with input/output and threads using
GambitC-4b22 (WinXP/MINGW). I tried to isolate it.

It can be basically reproduced by running the following code in the


(define (main)

  (let ((t (make-thread

            (lambda ()

              (display "\n\n\n hello world!\n\n\n")


    (thread-start! t)))





Which does the expected thing: display the "hello world" message in the

If I compile the above program to an executable it doesn't display the
message anymore.


In my real context, I am using a mutex and many threads are writing a
trace to the console. In the compiled version I get no traces...


What am I missing?

Thank you,


Francois Magnan





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