[gambit-list] gambit wiki?

Phil Dawes pdawes at users.sf.net
Mon Apr 9 17:10:00 EDT 2007

Marc Feeley wrote:
> Actually I started setting up a wiki and a darcs repository for Gambit 
> last year, but never went "public".  It is accessible here:
>   http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/~gambit/wiki


> It is currently completely editable (no edit restrictions).  The main 
> pages will become read-only when the content and structure has 
> stabilized.  If you have any organizational ideas, please discuss them 
> on the Gambit list and implement them if there is agreement.  I'm not 
> sure where the user editable pages should go.  Should we just leave 
> everything editable and deal with vandalism if/when it happens?

Sounds like a good plan to me: delay adding any barriers to contribution 
until you know they're needed.

I've started putting some notes up on this page:
Hope that's ok, feel free to ammend/delete as appropriate.
(it's bed time now, - I'll put up some more stuff on the train to work 



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