[gambit-list] Gambit and termite on an embedded system (Nintendo DS)?

Andrew Lentvorski bsder at allcaps.org
Thu Oct 5 05:46:22 EDT 2006

I'd like to have a Gambit repl on an embedded system (Nintendo DS).  I'm 
tired of not having a real language to program the thing.  :)

The primary constraint is 4MB of working RAM.  A second constraint would 
be to have the repl over a socket (I looked at web-repl, so that doesn't 
look to be much of a problem).  I can access files from external compact 
flash storage, but I would prefer to limit that as much as possible.

I took a quick trip over to gmane to search the archives to see if 
someone else has tried this, but nothing obvious came up.

I figured I'd ask for some pointers before running blindly down the 
wrong path.

I'd also like to be running termite on this, eventually.  However, I 
figure that I'm going to have enough issues without complicating my life 
like that at the start.

Any pointers/advice would be deeply appreciated.


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