[gambit-list] Using Emacs with Gambit-c

rcaronr at videotron.ca rcaronr at videotron.ca
Sat May 13 09:19:19 EDT 2006

			I am a new user of this list and also of the Scheme  programming language.
Gambit-c was chosen because of its origin (U de Montreal). 
			The text book I am using is Simply Scheme from Brian Harvey and Matthew 
Wright of MIT, I have also access to other textbooks on the net. There are 
also some tutorial and notes at Concordia U., and  at various other places on 
the Net which I am using to learn this Language.
			Dr.Scheme has also software on the subject, however it is PLT Scheme.
			My question is :	What to use in my .emacs configuration file to use Emacs 
and where should I place the gambit.el file. I have tried the pllab.el and 
quack.el files configurations ( with some modifications for gambiit-c. has 
they are PLT specifics ) but for some reason it tells me that it cannot load 
my gambit.el file. May be I should stick to PLT Scheme or use Bigloo what do 
you think ?
			I am using Debian Sarge for my operation system. I do not have nor do I 
intend to have Windows.
			I can use Gambit-c in a terminal but it would be preferable to use Emacs, 
the configurations found on the Concordia pages for AI 472, either do not 
work or I am doing it wrong because of lack of experience and knowledge of 
Emacs. Learning both Emacs and Scheme has quite a learning curve.
			I would appreciate the help of some knowledgeable people because frankly I 
am at lost.

Thanks for any amount of help and time you can bring me. 

P.S		I am willing to learn but do not have the university background which you 
have, my maths stop at college level and I am no Einstein. I am retired and 
have all the time in the world however. For you guys I probably am grandpa. 
Maybe I should have chosen this name instead of Tournesol, but I have used 
Tournesol for the last 13 years.
rcaronr at videotron.ca

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