[gambit-list] (c-define-type array-int "std::vector<int>")

Stephane Le Cornec coleste at videotron.ca
Fri May 5 17:40:11 EDT 2006

Gambit does not tolerate :: or <> in this form. Is there any reason 
why this wouldn't work, other than Gambit accepting the string?

I could typedef std::vector<int> into std_vector_int for that, but I 
lose genericity. The goal here is to use macro to generate interface 
to native C struct and handle arrays of structs. I seems much nicer 
to use lambda than to define
the 8 conversion defines.

Has anyone used in Gambit native C calls that accept/fill struct arrays?
How did you decide to handle this and why did you come to that conclusion?

coleste at videotron.ca (Stephane Le Cornec)
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