[gambit-list] read-line behaviour changed between beta15 and beta17 (MinGW)

François Magnan francois.magnan at licef.teluq.uqam.ca
Mon Jul 10 11:05:28 EDT 2006


The "serve-command" call should be replaced by "pp" in the program I  

Francois Magnan

On 06-07-10, at 10:57, François Magnan wrote:

> Hi,
> When I compile the following program
> (define (command-loop)
>   (let ((command (read-line)))
>     (serve-command command)
>     (command-loop)))
> (command-loop)
> in Gambit-C4.0b15 with the MinGW (win32) platform it works as  
> expected when I execute it in a DOS window (I can enter some lines  
> and they get echoed by the pp). However, when I compile the same  
> program using beta17, only the first line is echoed and after that,  
> I get only an infinite serie of #!eof. This only happens in a DOS  
> window. If I execute the program from a MinGW shell it works as  
> expected.
> How can I change this behavior? Is this a port-setting problem?
> Thank you,
> Francois Magnan
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