[gambit-list] Raw ports

david rush kumoyuki at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 05:59:34 EST 2006

It appears that if I want access to the raw octets ofo a file using
Gambit 4.0, that I should open the file using a byte port with an
encoding of Latin-1. Is this correct?

There's something about this that feels a little bit wrong though
(basically the obligation to manipluate octets at the end of character
set encoding issues). I would like to have something like read-octet
which would return an exact integer in the range 0-255. Given the
current IO design of Gambit 4.0 this appears to be a relatively easy
thing to add.

Actually, in a semi-related question: Is it possible to create port
subtypes from user Scheme code?

david rush
DIsruptive Technology!

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