[gambit-list] integer->char for an integer from interval [128, 255]

Dmitry Lizorkin lizorkin at ispras.ru
Tue May 31 09:14:21 EDT 2005


I am working with Gambit interpreter, and the following result is unexpected
for me:

(string (integer->char 127))
==> "\177"

(string (integer->char 128))
==> ""

(string (integer->char 256))
==> "\x100"

I don't understand why the empty string is returned for an integer from the
interval [128, 255].

Could you please exlpain this to me? What should I do to obtain the
character that corresponds to an integer from the interval [128, 255]?


P.S. I am using Gambit version 4.0 beta 12.

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