[gambit-list] Re: running background jobs with `time'

Bill Richter richter at math.northwestern.edu
Sat May 21 21:59:53 EDT 2005

Marc, I think my time/background-job bug didn't get fixed in beta 13.
In lieu of a fix, I would accept information: how do you get time info
on compiled background jobs?  Here a new version of my bug report:

 % export GAMBCOPT=d-

 % cat six.scm
(define outport (open-output-file "six"))
(time (pretty-print 6 outport))
(close-output-port outport)

 % gsi six.scm > time-out

 % cat six

 % cat time-out 
(time (pretty-print 6 outport))
    0 ms real time
    0 ms cpu time (0 user, 0 system)
    no collections
    104 bytes allocated
    no minor faults
    6 major faults

So gsi works fine.  But I lose the `time' info with gsc/gcc:

 % gsc six
 % gcc -O2 -L. -I. six.c six_.c -lgambc
 % ./a.out > time-out 

 % cat six
 % cat time-out 

 % ls -l time-out 
-rw-r--r--    1 richter  users           0 May 21 20:54 time-out

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