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Thu May 12 19:29:04 EDT 2005


I hadn't thought about that.  We probably should iterate from 0,
although I think anyone who relies on that behavior is asking for
trouble, since the spec doesn't say anything about iteration order.

Attached are patches to char-set-lib and to string-lib.  The latter
adds `string-concatenate-reverse' and its shared variant.


PS:  The permissions are too tight on `list-lib' in the webdav

On Mon, May 09, 2005 at 11:47:12PM -0500, Bradley Lucier wrote:
> I noticed that you followed the suggested implementation and had
> cursors go down from 255 to 0, the same as the implementation for
> char-set-filter[!]. Yet the documentation talks about "No lazy
> implementations of char-set-filter because of side effects" etc.  Well,
> if we think side effects are important, should we either ensure that
> cursors go from 0 up rather than from 255 down?  And the same for
> char-set-filter[!]? Or at least document that these things go down
> rather than up?
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