[gambit-list] help with port from DrScheme?

Bill Richter richter at math.northwestern.edu
Mon Oct 18 21:06:39 EDT 2004

   > Has anyone worked out ports of various DrScheme things, such as
   > the local construction?

   Here is a syntax-rules macro for local:

Thanks, David!  Problem is, I'd have to learn syntax-rules...  I built
gambc40b9 last night, and another Drscheme question occurred to me:

Can Emacs look like the DrScheme editor?  The Gambit info files say:

   Gambit comes with the Emacs package `gambit.el' which provides a
   nice environment for running Gambit from within the Emacs editor.

and this sticks a number of gambit features into an *.scm file we read
into Emacs.  But I'd like more syntax highlighting, which I suppose
involves font-locking, and mainly I'd like this DrScheme feature:

an expression is highlighted if the point is at either end of it.

I'm sure these are simple enough Emacs questions, but folks here may
already know how to do this.

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