[gambit-list] help with port from DrScheme?

Eric Merritt cyberlync at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 14:11:32 EDT 2004

I agree it does have a macro facility. I wasn't trying to say
otherwise.  Actually from the readme

The Gambit-C system conforms to the R4RS and IEEE Scheme standards.
- unhygienic macros

These two together suggest that it doesn't. Not that it really needs
it as long as it has defmacro-style macros. I suspect that if you
really really wanted syntax-case and define-syntax you could write
them with a defmacro style macro.

On a side note, I had nearly a million threads running last night, on
a stock pc, before I started running into timeout issues. Gambit 4 is
an awesome system.

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