[Snow-users-list] installation problems

Derrell Piper ddp at electric-loft.org
Sat Jan 26 10:19:06 EST 2008

To answer my own question...

The self-test (in test.scm) for the built-in time package is  
basically a sanity check on the current time (expressed as seconds  
since Jan 1, 1970, the UNIX system base time):

(let* ((range-lo (string->bignum "1168000000"))
        (range-hi (string->bignum "1200000000"))
        (s start-time))
   (if (not (and (bignum>= s range-lo) (bignum<= s range-hi)))
       (failed `(and (bignum>= ,s ,range-lo) (bignum<= ,s ,range-hi)))))

...which doesn't seem to play very well with the current time:

% date +%s

Looks like we're about 15.71 days past snow's expiration date.  :-)

So I changed mine to "1210000000", which is good for another 3.17  
years and I'm off and running.


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