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Matthew Martin matt.a.martin at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 16:52:03 EST 2008

I'm not a student, but I can think of a couple things I'd *like* to see,
but wouldn't dare attempt myself until I learn much, much more,
portable Termite and FFI. Preferably as snowballs.

It seems to me that a portable Termite would be a very cool thing,
even if it were not nearly as efficient  as a tightly integrated system.
I figure the snowball could simply make use of a given implementation's
integrated Termite if it were available.

Also, a snowball for FFI. It seems to be that a lot of Schemes *can*
do things similar, a snowball that smoothed over the implementation
differences like CFFI does for CL would be pretty cool. Though it
is my understanding that FFI can at times pretty much bork threading?

Perhaps both of the above as SRFIs?

FUSE  would be cool too. (I'm fairly certain this would basically
require FFI)

Of course I'm just daydreaming. I have no idea as to how practical
any of that would be to actually do. I just know I'd really like them.

Couple things that I don't think would be *too* hairy would be
snowballs for 9P(styx) protocol, and  the Freenet protocol
(I believe  there is a SoC project to make a  "definitive" C
implementation for this), both of which I may eventually take a stab
at at some point when I'm more comfortable if noone else has yet.

Snowballs for sxml and/or RDF seem like they'd be good to have too.

Naturally, I'd also love to see more work on snow itself. This I
definitely intend to try as I get more familiar with it.

Of course every thing you listed would be awesome as well.
Especially concerning documentation.

Well there's a noob's 2 cents, feel free to disregard.

On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 11:12 AM, Marc Feeley <feeley at iro.umontreal.ca>

> Hello Gambit and Snow users.  I will be applying to the Google Summer
> of Code program as a mentoring organization and propose projects for
> advancing the development of Gambit, Snow, and Termite.  I'd like to
> start a collective brainstorming exercice to come up with a list of
> specific projects.
> If you are interested in participating as a student, please respond to
> this message (preferably on the mailing list).  Please describe
> briefly what you would like to work on.
> If you cannot participate (e.g. you are not a student) but have
> project suggestions, then please speak up on the mailing list.
> Some projects ideas that come to mind:
> - native thread support
> - real-time/parallel GC
> - closer integration of Termite and Gambit
> - Gambit packages
> - web framework
> - documentation
> - François Pinard's projects (see MSLUG mailing-list archive)
> Marc
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