[Snow-users-list] srfi-40 A Library of Streams

Tony Sidaway tonysidaway at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 00:24:40 EST 2007

I've uploaded this package to snowfort, currently at srfi40/v1.0.1,
containing a port of the srfi-40 reference implementation by Philip L.
Bewig with adaptations and bug fixes by  Andre von Tonder and
catfive/chaosnet.org.  The code is substantially that provided in the
srfi-40 egg of Chicken Scheme.

The package contains some simple regression tests, which are passed by
the following Scheme implementations when using the generic snow
framework implementation:


I have also tested with scheme48 (probably a fairly old one, it's the
stock Ubuntu package) and scsh 0.6.7.  Both of the latter fail the
test with the following error message:

Error: undefined variable
       (package (for-syntax 1 user))

The basic functions such as stream-cons, stream, stream-null?,
stream-car and stream-cdr, are tested, plus stream-filter, but not
stream-unfoldn, stream-map and stream-for-each.

I would be most grateful for further bug reports or reports of success
on other implementations.

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