[gambit-list] Unit Testing

Thomas Hage thomas.hage at live.de
Mon May 2 16:57:41 EDT 2022


I am learning Scheme on my own by exploring gambit by personal 
Therefore there is a huge lack of experience on my side.

Prior to my current project I felt in love with Test Driven 
Scheme enabled me to improve my workflow by programming 
interactive - sufficiating my own requirements.
The downside is that I am unable to include unit test into my 
current workflow. Any advice would be appreciated.

In order to cover my current project in retrospective, I want to 
create tests (note that the usability of the provided test suite 
requires heavy exploration >:-) ).
In both cases - testing afterwards or prior to implementing 
functionality - I am relying on branch coverage heavily.
Since I am covering R5RS only, I am wondering if there is a test 
suite which can provide me with branch coverage (regardless of 
output formats/IDE's).

I am aware about the following two facts:
 - In order to programming test-driven, a IDE suggestion 
 implementations is required (not required)
 - the functional programming paradigm should enable me to cover 
 my code by determine the permutations of arguments. I want to 
 support this with branch coverage, so that I suspend my current 
 workflow and resume afterwards.

I am happy about sincerely feedback.


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