[gambit-list] Link loadable library to Scheme file

Thomas Hage thomas.hage at live.de
Sun Sep 12 16:04:22 EDT 2021

Hello community,

apparently my question was too hasty.
Since I did not receive an hint, I sticked to just include the 
library from the parent file.
Nonetheless, for the sake of completeness, here are two snippets I 
used to convert the $(GSC) call:

# single loadable file..
#$(GSC) -c -o bin/ts-java-binding.c 
#$(GSC) -link -flat -o bin/ts-java-binding.o1.c 
#$(GSC) -cc-options "-D___DYNAMIC" -obj bin/ts-java-binding.c 
#gcc -shared bin/ts-java-binding.o bin/ts-java-binding.o1.o -o 
 bin/ts-java-binding.o1 -ltree-sitter -ltree-sitter-java

# working loadable lib:
#$(GSC) -c -o bin/common.c lib/lang/common.scm
#$(GSC) -c -o bin/ts-java-binding.c 
#$(GSC) -link -flat -o bin/ts-java-binding.o1.c bin/common.c 
#$(GSC) -cc-options "-D___DYNAMIC" -obj bin/common.c 
 bin/ts-java-binding.c bin/ts-java-binding.o1.c
#gcc -shared bin/common.o bin/ts-java-binding.o 
 bin/ts-java-binding.o1.o -o bin/ts-java-binding.o1 -ltree-sitter 


The latter did not link the missing pieces into the loadable file.
Since avoiding an explicit call to a C-compiler _could_ improve 
portability, I sticked two my workaround.
Obviously I have no idea how to compile/link and build anything.
So touch this with care.


Thomas Hage <thomas.hage at live.de> writes:

> Hello community,
> I want to declare procedures in a file `a`, which can be reused 
> by
> loadable libraries.
> If I understood correctly, I need to -flat -link the new file 
> `a` and
> link this together, but I don't grasp the steps.
> This produces my loadable library, which is working fine.
> `gsc -ld-options "-ltree-sitter -ltree-sitter-java" -o
> bin/ts-java-binding.o1 lib/lang/java/ts-java-binding.scm`
> But I want to access methods from file `a`, which lies in the 
> parent
> directory.
> How should I assemble the new loadable library?
> Thanks in advance..
> Thomas

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