[gambit-list] R: Contributing to Gambit

Lassi Kortela lassi at lassi.io
Sat Jan 30 05:32:54 EST 2021

Maybe we could start by adding a quick tour of the Gambit source tree 
and bootstrapping process to the manual?

According to 
texinfo supports custom CSS stylesheets; that would hopefully let us 
make a good-looking manual for the web.

A book on Gambit internals would be very interesting but also sounds 
like a huge project. People who are experts on a topic sometimes write a 
blog over the space of a few years and then notice they have written 
enough material for a book.

We have an aggregator of all known Scheme blogs at 
<https://planet.scheme.org/> (yes, the graphic design should be 
improved). I don't know how many people read these blogs (in aggregate 
or individually) but we seem to get about 10 posts a month.

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