[gambit-list] newbie: bitwise and arithmetic runtime speed for u64

Paolo Montrasi pmontrasi at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 15:50:50 EDT 2020

Hi all,
As a learning exercise, I am experimenting in chess/alpha-beta
search/bitboards. In this domain lot of bitwise operations are required. My
goal is to keep learning scheme and Gambit, therefore I will be happy to
stay with what I have right now if the only option is to switch to C et

I am asking here for an advice in improving runtime speed crunching bitwise
operations on u64 integers since I have no experience using scheme and
Looking at the documentation I see that fixnum is providing some help but I
apparently u64 integers are not "compatible" with fixnum operations

> (fixnum? 18446744073709551615)

Can you share suggestions for my next exercise?
Thank you in advance

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