[gambit-list] Marc what's the rationale for "--enable-multiple-threaded-vms --enable-smp"?

Adam adam.mlmb at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 10:42:47 EDT 2020

Hi Marc,

Small thing, just curious, I think also this may have been clarified in
some mail thread I have somewhere but I can't find it now:

What is the rationale for "--enable-multiple-threaded-vms --enable-smp" to
be the enabling arguments for SMP?

Neither "--enable-multiple-threaded-vms" nor "--enable-smp" individually
will do it.

I understand "--enable-smp" enables the "SMP scheduler", I presume that is
the multiple processors operate concurrently and steal work from each other.

The "--enable-multiple-threaded-vms" enables the infrastructure for
creating multiple processors within one GVM in the first place?

But then, "--enable-multiple-threaded-vms" only allows you to create a new
processor but that one will be all separate from the first one - may that
ever be useful without SMP work stealing operation?? I thought anyone who
wanted to do that would go with "--enable-multiple-vms".

Today I dug out "--enable-multiple-threaded-vms --enable-smp" again from
the manual. I looked at it twice going, hmm is this really correct, does
this really look correct. After checking all over my email box I see your
other email where you reiterate exactly this, and thus deduce, it's correct.

So just thought, why does enabling SMP require two separate ./configure
arguments. Any comment would be much appreciated.

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