[gambit-list] Gambit/Scheme internals guide

Lassi Kortela lassi at lassi.io
Sun Mar 8 11:14:29 EDT 2020

Marc, I'd like to collect all your explanations about Gambit's internals 
into one place if it's OK with you. It would be enlightening for anyone 
wishing to optimize code or to learn more about how advanced dynamic 
language implementations work.

I can try to find and copy/paste some of the stuff you've written so far 
in emails and GitHub issues.

A complete guide comparing and contrasting the approaches of the major 
Scheme implementations would be even more enlightening. Gambit is the 
leading implementation in r7rs-benchmarks so it could even make for good 
PR :) Meanwhile, it could foster some friendly competition between 
implementations. And it would be a very valuable index for the larger CS 
community on what kind of performance can be achieved with particular 
levels of implementation complexity.

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