[gambit-list] Gerbil: What's the defsyntax-for-import&/export forms for, e.g. rename-in/out, except-in/out

Adam adam.mlmb at gmail.com
Tue Oct 22 10:12:41 EDT 2019

Hi Vyzo,

The core prelude (
defines some extensions to |import| and |export|.

Bumped into studying this in proto.ss, which contains (export ...
(struct-out !rpc ...) ...).
struct-out can be understood from its use - it's for exporting a structure
with its constructors, accessors, mutators. (struct-out's definition code
is totally unreadable to me though.)

All of these are undocumented, may you want to comment on what they are for
also with a single use example (or add to some documentation section in
your guide)?



   - for-syntax
   - for-template


   - only-in
   - except-in
   - rename-in
   - prefix-in
   - group-in


   - except-out
   - rename-out
   - prefix-out
   - struct-out
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