[gambit-list] "unbound variable" after importing macro from library

Lassi Kortela lassi at lassi.io
Thu Oct 17 18:05:33 EDT 2019

> Has the syntax-case module for Gambit bit-rotted?

It's not usable right now. Gambit has acquired a lot of new features in 
a short time period so some patience and support from us users is in 
order :)

> I know it had
> trouble interacting with DSSSL lambda-list keywords, but I doubt if it
> blocks the ordinary kind.

No knowledge of that. SRFI 177 keyword-lambda needs to be able to expand 
into (lambda (... #!key ...) ...) unless there is a shortcut that avoids 
using the `#!key` read syntax. The current define-macro version handles 
#!key fine. As far as I can tell it has no unintentional variable 
capture unless the caller has redefined `lambda`.

> Define-macro is TRULY EVIL and shouldn't be used anywhere you don't
> absolutely have to, even where it is available.

A strong message from the captured variable liberation front :)

> As far as I know, the only
> other Schemes that have both keyword objects and lack another low-level
> macro system besides define-macro are S7 and STKlos

As far as I can tell, Bigloo doesn't have hygienic macros more powerful 
than syntax-rules. Note that Gambit also has syntax-rules.

>> If you want to use macros defined with define-macro, you need to put
>> them in the file foo#.scm and use the primitive modules (i.e. foo.scm and
>> foo#.scm files).

Thanks! It was easy to do this way (I put the macros in 177#.scm and 
added an empty 177.scm so Gambit finds it; not an issue).

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