[gambit-list] Mimosa OS

Lassi Kortela lassi at lassi.io
Wed Oct 16 14:46:44 EDT 2019

> The repository also contains the compressed image of mimosa for running Gambit on bare metal.  You can copy the image to a real IDE HDD and use it to boot a real PC, or use the QEMU emulator like this:
>      % gunzip -c mimosa.img.gz > mimosa.img
>      % qemu-system-i386 -m 1G -hda mimosa.img
> Once booted, here are some interesting things to type
> at the Gambit REPL:
>      > (current-directory)
>      > (directory-files)
>      > (load "fact.scm")
>      > (load "fib.scm")             ;; run it interpreted
>      > (compile-and-load "fib.scm") ;; run it compiled to x86
>      > (load "x86-asm.scm")         ;; x86 assembler example
>      > (load "x86-os.scm")          ;; read RTC with in/out instructions
>      > (edit "fib.scm")             ;; save/exit with ESC key

Very promising! I was able to run all of these examples with QEmu.

It's very nice that there's a built-in editor.

Also tried with VirtualBox. It needs the disk image in qcow2 format: 
`qemu-img convert -f raw -O qcow2 mimosa.img mimosa.qcow2`. Runs fine up 
to "The len of the gambit file is: 9569 520" but then hangs at full CPU 
usage. Let me know if there's some way I can try to get useful debug info.

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