[gambit-list] Gambit at 30

Marc Feeley feeley at iro.umontreal.ca
Fri Oct 11 15:03:24 EDT 2019

To celebrate the Gambit at 30 event, I have committed to the github repo the work that has been done by the students I supervised over the summer and that will be presented at Gambit at 30.

Some of the more prominent enhancements include:

- Close to full R7RS conformance
- Module system which simplifies code sharing and distribution
- Some builtin modules that will grow with time
- Improvement of the native code backend (now supports x86, ARM and RISC-V)
- Gambit on bare metal
- Geiser support

These will be discussed at Gambit at 30.  For a small taste of the module system, try:

% gsi github.com/gambit/hello/demo
% gsi github.com/gambit/hello at 1.0
% gsi github.com/gambit/xlib/demo   # assumes you have an X server running

Gambit's version number has not been incremented because I need some feedback that it works well “in the wild” and that some trivial mistake hasn’t been overlooked.

I’m looking forward to your feedback, and to seeing some of you tomorrow!


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