[gambit-list] Out parameters in the C FFI

Lassi Kortela lassi at lassi.io
Wed Oct 2 07:42:32 EDT 2019

(Sorry if this basic question has been answered before; didn't find in 
the list archives, wiki or manual.)

What's the general approach for wrapping C functions like this:

int foo(struct bar **out);

So the foo function sets *out to some value of type "struct bar *", and 
we want to keep that "struct bar *" in Scheme and pass it around to 
other FFI functions.

If it's not necessary to preserve the "int" return value then this can 
be worked around by writing a wrapper function in C:

struct bar *my_foo_wrapper(void) {
     struct bar *bar;
     return bar;

But is there a more general way to get values from out parameters into 

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