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hashavtech at outlook.com hashavtech at outlook.com
Sat Jun 29 10:59:40 EDT 2019

There are some messages in 2013 and 2016 that gave me a hint of what needs to be done in order to compile to js. But it seems that some things have changed (for example the gsc with -target js does not seem to produce a .js file, it gave me an .o1 file that contained Javascript). I was able to compile a working example once but the .js file contains the whole _gambit.js library and is 22 MB in size. That isn't really what I was hoping for. I've seen it mentioned that there was some work done on only including the necessary parts of the library, but I was unable to figure out how to do it (I'm new to Gambit although not to Lisp).

I'd be glad for some help getting from a Scheme file to a working and reasonably-sized file. My goal is to include scheme-sourced parts in a web app, so there probably will be some interoperability issues, but at the moment I'm stuck at the compilation stage.

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