[gambit-list] Best way to build gambit on Windows with debug information

luca regini luca.regini at gmail.com
Tue Jan 1 06:12:30 EST 2019

Hi All,
I am trying unsuccessfully to build Gambit on Windows with debug information.

I am using MSYS2 with mingw-64 as the build environment.
The version of gcc that comes with this distribution is:
gcc version 7.3.0 (GCC)
and the thread model is posix

I have configured the build with the following options:
./configure --enable-single-host --enable-debug --enable-debug-log
--enable-debug-c-backtrace --enable-debug-ctrl-flow-history
--enable-debug-host-changes --enable-debug-alloc-mem
--enable-debug-garbage-collect --enable-rtlib-debug-location
--enable-rtlib-debug-source --enable-rtlib-debug-environments
--enable-track-scheme --enable-thread-system=win32
--enable-multiple-threaded-vms --enable-smp

and have done a full boostrap.
the make bootstrap and make bootclean steps work fine but the make
takes forever.

It has been running for more than 1 hour and 25 minutes now on the
first file ( _io.scm ) and there is no visible sign of progression.

I have intentionally run it only with one thread since running
multiple build threads ( make -jn) was always saturating my cpu to
I am building on a laptop running Windows 10 with 2 cores and 16 GB of RAM.

What are some clearly reproducible steps to build on Windows with
debug info? There are several possible choices even about what MSYS (
Mingw32/64, MSYS1, MSYS2, Visual Studio can build without a bootstrap
or not?)  distribution one can use and this are not very well
documented on the website.

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