[gambit-list] Gerbil v0.12 is out!

Dimitris Vyzovitis vyzo at hackzen.org
Tue Feb 27 11:59:30 EST 2018

Hi all,

I am happy to announce the release of Gerbil v0.12, to go with Gambit

This is a big release, with over 1500 commits, which brings many new
libraries and fixes.

As usual, for sources and downloads:

Release highlights:
- gxpkg: the Gerbil package manager has arrived, and with it gerbil.pkg for
  implicit package declarations.
- gxtags: emacs TAGS for Gerbil sources.
- there is an fast embedded http server in the stdlib.
- there is a pure Gerbil PostgreSQL driver and the MySQL driver is now
- the generics library has been rewritten to do type-based dispatch with a
  polymorphic cache.
- the actor RPC subsystem has been rewritten for greatly improved
  and syncing for streams.
- there is a extensive support for programming with raw devices and sockets.
- there is a network repl.
- std/misc has been populated with a zoo of utility libraries.

Full release changelog:

For questions and support, come say hi on #gerbil-scheme in irc.freenode.net

Happy Hacking!

-- vyzo
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