[gambit-list] More precise versioning of Gambit?

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Sun Sep 24 12:49:45 EDT 2017

Right now when I run gsi, it tells me I'm using gambit 4.8.8. But
that's not quite right. If I use git describe --tags to ask git what
I'm using it tells me v4.8.8-402-g300db59e, so some well-identified
commit with 402 patchs on top of Gambit 4.8.8.

I recently modified Gerbil to it remembers the exact version as
identified by git describe --tags in its binaries. Basically, a file
is generated during the build if git is available; when preparing a
tarball for use without git, the file must be present. For release
purposes, and so as to reuse github's builtin tarball capabilities, a
release script creates and commits the magic version file
before to tag the commit with the release version. Then to go back
into development mode, the same script can "unrelease" the code
and re-delete the file, adding it back to .gitignore, after the
release was made.

Are you interested in my porting the same mechanism to Gambit?

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