[gambit-list] Primitives & practices for paralellism such as work stealing, in SMP Gambit?

Adam adam.mlmb at gmail.com
Sun Sep 17 06:19:21 EDT 2017

Hi Marc,

This is a general question on how to use SMP (and single-processor) Gambit:

If you're running some algorithm or other code that requires
fine-granularity work stealing or otherwise parallel execution and/or data
structure access, how are you supposed to implement that, in a way that
should have good performance and be effective? -

Are mutex lock/unlock operations with zero-timeouts, and/or the use of
condition variables, and/or the use of thread message passing with zero
timeout, intended to satisfy these use cases, or do you propose other
primitives or methods?

Also, do you plan to implement any additional parallelism primitives now
with SMP Gambit?

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