[gambit-list] Trouble building gambit

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Sun May 14 11:58:40 EDT 2017

On Sun, May 14, 2017 at 3:22 AM, Marc Feeley <feeley at iro.umontreal.ca> wrote:
> Yes, to get the central installation directory you can use
>     % gsi -e '(println (path-expand "~~"))'
>     /Library/Gambit/v4.8.8/
> If you want the directory where executables are installed use
>     % gsi -e '(println (path-expand "~~bin"))'
>     /Library/Gambit/v4.8.8/bin/
> Note that this is not necessarily the central installation directory with bin/ appended to it because you can configure Gambit to install executables, libraries, documentation, etc in specific directories.  From INSTALL.txt:
> If the --prefix option is not used, the default is to install all
> files in /usr/local/Gambit and its subdirectories, namely "bin",
> "lib", "include", etc.  The files that would normally go in these
> subdirectories can be redirected to other directories using
> the following configure options:
>   --bindir=DIR            executables (gsi, gsc, ...)
>   --libdir=DIR            libraries (libgambit.a, syntax-case.scm, ...)
>   --includedir=DIR        C header files (gambit.h, ...)
>   --docdir=DIR            documentation (gambit.pdf, gambit.html, ...)
>   --infodir=DIR           info documentation (gambit.info, ...)
>   --datadir=DIR           read-only architecture-independent data (gambit.el)
Thanks (also for telling me about println).

It looks like datadir defines not ~~data but ~~share which is slightly
surprising. Also finding that this was the case required grepping for
path-expand and digging through many layers of indirection, from
lib/_nonstd.scm (to ignoring the stub gsc/_host.scm) to
lib/_kernel.scm to C file(!) lib/os_files.c... I suppose because some
of the C runtime needs it before the scheme environment is even setup?
Or is that just an ancient relic that could now be translated to
Scheme but it's more effort than was worth it so far?

To go back to the first topic in this thread: why are there *both* a
README and a README.md? Shouldn't the latter be sufficient?

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