[gambit-list] Trouble building gambit

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Sun May 14 01:42:01 EDT 2017

Dear Marc & gambiteers,

>> Could the install path from the --prefix option be included in the
>> binary, or is there a good reason not to?
> Yes it is a good idea.  Can you make the appropriate changes to the configure script and makefiles, and send in a pull request?
I see an option --enable-absolute-shared-libs -- would it be doing
what I want already, or is it different? What does it do?

I see that gsi does not have long options (e.g. --eval for -e) nor a
help option, nor seemingly a fully general purpose declarative option
parser. Is it on purpose (e.g. for size), or would you accept a patch
that implement them? Maybe also a --load to directly load more than
one file, in order? And a -- to terminate arguments so that user
programs be provided arguments when no file was provided? In my
dealing with Common Lisp invocation from the command line I found that
these were a great way to let users invoke Lisp code from outside
Lisp. There again, would you accept a patch to implement these?

Also, is there a way from a gsi in the $PATH to extract the
installation path of gambit? Say with a suitable -e argument.

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