[gambit-list] Compiling Gambit under Termux/Android

Alexander.Shendi at web.de Alexander.Shendi at web.de
Tue May 9 17:42:45 EDT 2017

Dear Phil,

so I dug out my Nexus 9 tablet and tried to recompile gambit 4.8.5.

The procedure is a little more involved than I had remembered. I used the following commands
to compile gambit:

termux-fix-shebang configure gsc-boot.unix install-sh relpath mkidirs
TMPDIR=$HOME/tmp CONFIG_SHELL=$PREFIX/bin/sh CC=clang LIBS=-llog ./configure --prefix=$HOME/gambit-tmp
make install


1.) You must update the shebang path in 5 files, not 2 as I had
    previously written. You can use the termux-fix-shebang utility to do this
    (as shown above).
2.) TMPDIR=$HOME/tmp is necessary as /tmp is not writeable for Termux apps.
3.) Recently Termux has switched to clang instead of gcc. Unfortunately on my 
    tablet clang runs out of memory compiling gambit. I did not have this problem
    with gcc.

Nevertheless I hope this helps. Maybe clang is a little less memory hungry on your 32bit
(ARM7) machine. If all fails, the GNUroot option may prove better for you. There you
can simply "./configure; make; make install".

I wish you good luck. Do not hesitate to contact me, if I can be of further help.

Best regards,


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