[gambit-list] Compiling Gambit on Android/Termux

Vincent Manis vmanis at telus.net
Mon May 8 22:50:48 EDT 2017

I don't have much experience with Termux, apart from playing with it a 
bit. However, I have used GNURoot, a similar program, a fair bit 
(contrary to the name, it does not require the device be rooted). That 
gives you a terminal (GNURoot does work with XSDL, an X Server, but I 
found it too slow to be usable on my device). GNURoot uses the Debian 
repos, so you can get a number of Scheme systems from the repository, 
though at slightly outdated versions. I have installed both Gauche and 
Racket that way, and I'd be pretty willing to bet that Gambit might be 
available too.

Hope that helps -- v

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