[gambit-list] Gerbil v0.6

Dimitris Vyzovitis vyzo at hackzen.org
Tue May 2 09:17:01 EDT 2017

Hi all,

After a hiatus where I was busy with some other projects, Gerbil
development is
still alive. The latest hacking spree closes a bunch of TODOs in my
development log
and brings LMDB bindings.

For those new to Gerbil, it is an opinionated dialect of scheme with a
state of the
art macro and module system on the Gambit runtime.

For sources and downloads:

Changes since Gerbil v0.5:
- gerbil/runtime:
  - MOP allows mixin structs in make-class-type; classes can now mixin
  - gerbil-version and gerbil-system-version
- prelude:
  - defclass allows mixing arbitrary types and defers to runtime for
  - fix extend-class-type-info type id
- stdlib
  - actor/rpc:
    - stream support
    - up [arbitrary] max message size to 1MB
    - offload message writes from dispatch thread to dedicated writer thread
  - db/lmdb: LMDB bindings and high level interface
  - db/dbi: add explicit methods for transactions with cached statements
  - update ffi code to use ___return instead of ___result[_voidstar]
  - fix regression with thread-interrupt! raising exceptions in recent
- gxc:
  - support compilation of dynamically linked executables

-- vyzo
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