[gambit-list] Fwd: JS backend questions: Can I load multiple modules? URL to JS runtime library? and more

Adam adam.mlmb at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 06:47:33 EST 2017

Hi Marc,

JS backend questions:

Is it possible to load multiple compiled Gambit scheme files into one and
the same JS backend-compiled JS environment now?

Do I need anything more than the Gambit repo, is there a Gambit JS-based
runtime in any path or on any URL - any more URL:s that I should be aware
of for library code or writeups about how to use it?

I think you mentioned that you made a "lightweight JS runtime" for the JS
backend, is this the one at https://github.com/feeley/
univ-lib/tree/master/lib ?

Also is any particular Gambit version/commit particularly suited for
serious Gambit JS backend work?

Do any features notably work or not work in the JS-backend or any quirks to
it, what about green threads, bignum, IO?

Can I expect JS-backend compiled code to function excellently?

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