[gambit-list] gsc -report for finding non-reachable defines

Sven Hartrumpf hartrumpf at gmx.net
Thu Aug 24 06:12:14 EDT 2017


Thanks to a suggestion by Marc on the Chicken mailing list,
I am experimenting with using the output of 'gsc -report'
to remove non-reachable defines.
I assume each defined identifier reported with D and one of A or R or C
as reachable, all others as non-reachable.
The found set of non-reachable identifiers is incomplete, but
it can be improved by repeating the analysis on the reduced source:

> scms r-matcher.scm
cond-expand-command: ...
alexpand-command: ...
reachable-command: (gsc -:h3700000 -report r-matcher.alexp > r-matcher.alexp.gsc)
reduce-command: (cfa-reduce -k r-matcher.alexp r-matcher.reach > r-matcher.rea1)
defines: #removed: 718 (24.73%) #kept: 2185
iter 1 size: 3822249 bytes
reachable-command: (gsc -:h3700000 -report r-matcher.rea1 > r-matcher.rea1.gsc)
reduce-command: (cfa-reduce -k r-matcher.rea1 r-matcher.reach > r-matcher.rea2)
defines: #removed: 252 (11.53%) #kept: 1933
iter 2 size: 3519136 bytes
reachable-command: (gsc -:h3700000 -report r-matcher.rea2 > r-matcher.rea2.gsc)
reduce-command: (cfa-reduce -k r-matcher.rea2 r-matcher.reach > r-matcher.rea3)
defines: #removed: 150 (7.76%) #kept: 1783
iter 3 size: 3277324 bytes
reachable-command: (gsc -:h3700000 -report r-matcher.rea3 > r-matcher.rea3.gsc)
reduce-command: (cfa-reduce -k r-matcher.rea3 r-matcher.reach > r-matcher.rea4)
defines: #removed: 93 (5.22%) #kept: 1690
iter 4 size: 3154753 bytes
reachable-command: (gsc -:h3700000 -report r-matcher.rea4 > r-matcher.rea4.gsc)
reduce-command: (cfa-reduce -k r-matcher.rea4 r-matcher.reach > r-matcher.rea5)
defines: #removed: 42 (2.49%) #kept: 1648
iter 5 size: 3000686 bytes
reachable-command: (gsc -:h3700000 -report r-matcher.rea5 > r-matcher.rea5.gsc)
reduce-command: (cfa-reduce -k r-matcher.rea5 r-matcher.reach > r-matcher.rea6)
defines: #removed: 60 (3.64%) #kept: 1588
iter 6 size: 2924187 bytes
reachable-command: (gsc -:h3700000 -report r-matcher.rea6 > r-matcher.rea6.gsc)
reduce-command: (cfa-reduce -k r-matcher.rea6 r-matcher.reach > r-matcher.rea7)
defines: #removed: 26 (1.64%) #kept: 1562
iter 7 size: 2600067 bytes
reachable-command: (gsc -:h3700000 -report r-matcher.rea7 > r-matcher.rea7.gsc)
reduce-command: (cfa-reduce -k r-matcher.rea7 r-matcher.reach > r-matcher.rea8)
defines: #removed: 16 (1.02%) #kept: 1546
iter 8 size: 2586789 bytes
reachable-command: (gsc -:h3700000 -report r-matcher.rea8 > r-matcher.rea8.gsc)
reduce-command: (cfa-reduce -k r-matcher.rea8 r-matcher.reach > r-matcher.rea9)
defines: #removed: 12 (0.78%) #kept: 1534
iter 9 size: 2584936 bytes
reachable-command: (gsc -:h3700000 -report r-matcher.rea9 > r-matcher.rea9.gsc)
reduce-command: (cfa-reduce -k r-matcher.rea9 r-matcher.reach > r-matcher.rea10)
defines: #removed: 6 (0.39%) #kept: 1528
iter 10 size: 2580332 bytes
reachable-command: (gsc -:h3700000 -report r-matcher.rea10 > r-matcher.rea10.gsc)
reduce-command: (cfa-reduce -k r-matcher.rea10 r-matcher.reach > r-matcher.rea11)
defines: #removed: 1 (0.07%) #kept: 1527
iter 11 size: 2579734 bytes
reachable-command: (gsc -:h3700000 -report r-matcher.rea11 > r-matcher.rea11.gsc)
reduce-command: (cfa-reduce -k r-matcher.rea11 r-matcher.reach > r-matcher.rea12)
defines: #removed: 0 (0.00%) #kept: 1527
iter 12 size: 2579734 bytes

The loop is terminated if no change of the source file is achieved (fixed point).
Here are some questions:

1. There are still non-reachable functions in the final source file, e.g.
   if two functions call each other but are never called from a third function.

2. Can the analysis by 'gsc -report' be made more aggressive or can it be hinted
   by providing some identifiers that are known to be non-reachable?

3. Is there a way to stop gsc when the report is ready? Without such a feature,
   the above 12-step analysis takes 20 minutes because it also generates .o files in
   each iteration.


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