[gambit-list] Building and using Gambit on windows

Bill Six billsix at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 20:57:19 EDT 2016

I'm unable to figure out how to use Gambit on Windows successfully, and I'd
like some help. (I'm plenty comfortable with Gambit on Linux/OSX). My
general feeling is that I'm using configure's "prefix" argument incorrectly
on Windows, which may be causing my problem.

I can build gambit just fine using the msys2 environment with mingw64 as
the compiler.

(Here's the head of config.log
"$ ./configure --prefix=/c/opt/gambit/bld --enable-single-host

I can do basic stuff in gsi, such as

> (+ 1 2)

But the following doesn't work:

> (include "~~/lib/_gambit#.scm")
*** ERROR IN (console)@2.1 -- Can't open file

and I can't get "gsc -exe foo.scm" (for some trivial foo.scm) to not

Any ideas?

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