[gambit-list] Questions & documentation on the universal backend

Marc Feeley feeley at iro.umontreal.ca
Sun Aug 14 12:38:30 EDT 2016

Strange… with your code (with and without the declarations) I get:

$ gsc/gsc -:=. -warnings -target python -link -l lib/_gambit.py code.scm;cat code_.py code.py lib/_gambit.py > p.py;python p.py

Are you sure the gsc you are using is the latest you have built?  Try gsc/gsc from the Gambit build directory.


> On Aug 14, 2016, at 10:57 AM, Jon Woodring <woodring.jon at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm still getting errors on the python backend though, FWIW. It's not a huge deal, because I'm mostly targeting javascript, but I am a heavy python user, too, so it would be nice for future reference.

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