[gambit-list] [ANN] Gambit v4.8.0 released

Álvaro Castro-Castilla alvaro.castro.castilla at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 10:26:45 EDT 2015

> > First, the system as a whole is now named Gambit instead of Gambit-C.
> The name Gambit-C will refer specifically to the system when running on top
> of C, i.e. Gambit using the C code generator.  Many changes to user visible
> names have occurred, for example:
> >
> > doc/gambit.pdf     instead of  doc/gambit-c.pdf
> > -lgambit           instead of  -lgambc
> > GAMBOPT            instead of  GAMBCOPT
> > bin/gambcomp-C     instead of  bin/gambc-cc
> > bin/gambdoc        instead of  bin/gambc-doc
> > ~/.gambit_history  instead of  ~/.gambc_history
This is so great!!! Thank you Marc and all the contributors \o/
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