[gambit-list] Mobile Reversi

Marc Feeley feeley at iro.umontreal.ca
Tue Oct 20 17:41:37 EDT 2015

I have been working on a demo of the universal backend and specifically of the task migration between target languages.

The demo is a reversi game where a human plays against the computer.  The game is constantly searching for the best replies to the user’s legal moves, so it is never idle while the human is thinking.  This has the advantage that the user gets an immediate response by the computer to the move he makes.  The game runs in the user’s web browser, and it is possible to migrate the game to another device, for example another browser on the same computer or another browser on a different computer (desktop, cell phone, tablet, etc).  It is also possible to migrate the app from the web browser to the web server for 10 seconds (to offload the search to the web server).  This is possible even though the web browser is running a JavaScript version of the code, and the web server is running a PHP version of the code.

You can try it out at: http://gambitscheme.org/reversi.php

Please report any problems you might encounter.


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