[gambit-list] Gambit T-Shirts Now For Sale

Gambit Shirt gambit.shirt at gmail.com
Mon May 25 22:46:03 EDT 2015

Dear Gambit Users,

Gambit T-Shirts is a small enterprise that has just taken flight. The
online-store gives access to the newly designed Gambit T-shirt and allows
anyone, from anywhere to purchase a T-shirt. You too can be part of the
movement by ordering a shirt at:  http://gambitscheme.org/wordpress

The quantities are limited so act fast and be one of the first to own a
Gambit T-shirt. Wear it with pride because these are exclusive limited
edition T-shirts. In addition it is probably in your best interest to order
several shirts at once to save on shipping. So buddy up with a friend and
spread the word! :)

Miriam Feeley,
President of Gambit T-Shirts
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