[gambit-list] custom top-level repl one-liners

Adam adam.mlmb at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 11:16:40 EST 2015

Eh just implement it yourself locally if it makes you happy!?

A night.

2015-12-22 21:22 GMT+08:00 ben yakawp <ben.lists at yakawp.com>:

> hi
> Gambits repl is really awesome, especiallly the user friendly
> interactive debugger. I think it would be even more awesome if one could
> use a special repl friendly syntax to use an abritrary command.
> I've read something on the blog of the Gauche Scheme developer which
> explains it much better (1):
> "S-expression is great to represent tree structure, but it's a bit
> cumbersome to give simple commands in interactive shell; If the command
> line is short, the relative verbosity added by open and close
> parentheses gets in a way. Also in many cases simple commands take
> string arguments (e.g. to change working directory or to load file) and
> that require extra double quotes.
> I'm not the only one to feel that way. In Allegro CL, if you type a line
> begins with :, it is interpreted as special toplevel command. Scheme 48
> has similar command mode, beginning with ,. I guess there are other
> implementations with similar features."
> (1):
> http://blog.practical-scheme.net/gauche/20150819-toplevel-repl-commands
> So for 'gsi' that could mean we could write
> repl> :define hello "world"
> repl> :display hello
> Would that be hard to implement?
> ben
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