[gambit-list] How to express javascript prototypes

ben yakawp ben.lists at yakawp.com
Mon Dec 21 07:39:30 EST 2015

I have a the following problem: Initially I was looking for a simple way
to write code on several platforms with scheme as the "reference
platform". This is more difficult then I thought because most of the
target languages have libraries that are build with an OO model. That
leaks into the platform neutral source code, so that you write scheme
but with OO in mind. Now I see a next problem, that of Javascript making
extensive use of "prototyping", again a specific model that has to be
ported to other languages.

So my question is, how would you express prototyping in a platform
neutral way, so that you can (hypothecally) use the source code also for
target languages that don't support prototyping.

Hopefully I don't make this much more complicated than it is.

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