[gambit-list] LOPSTR 2014: Call for Participation

Maurizio Proietti maurizio.proietti at iasi.cnr.it
Thu Jul 24 16:44:30 EDT 2014

 ===================== CALL FOR PARTICIPATION =============================

                                               24th International Symposium
                               Logic-Based Program Synthesis and
                                                             LOPSTR 2014

                          University of Kent, Canterbury, UK, September
9-11, 2014

                  Co-located with the 16th International ACM SIGPLAN
Symposium on
                    Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming
(PPDP 2014)

Early registration by August 8, 2014

Invited Speakers:
     Roberto Giacobazzi (University of Verona, Italy)
 "Obscuring Code -- Unveiling and Veiling Information in Programs"
     Viktor Kuncak (EPFL, Switzerland)
 Title to be announced

Accepted papers
- Nikita Danilenko
Functional Kleene Closures
- Amer Tahat and Ali Ebnenasir
A Hybrid Method for the Verification and Synthesis of Parameterized
Self-Stabilizing Protocols
- German Vidal
Concolic Execution and Test-Case Generation in Prolog
- Henning Christiansen and Maja Kirkeby
Confluence Modulo Equivalence in Constraint Handling Rules
- Remis Balaniuk
Drill & Join: A method for inductive program synthesis
- Minoru Kinoshita, Kohei Suenaga and Atsushi Igarashi
Automatic Synthesis of Combiners in the MapReduce Framework - An Approach
with Right Inverse
- Daniel De Schreye, Vincent Nys and Colin Nicholson
Analysing and Compiling Coroutines with Abstract Conjunctive Partial
- Daniel Gall and Thom Frühwirth
A Formal Semantics for the Cognitive Architecture ACT-R
- J. Robert M. Cornish, Graeme Gange, Jorge A. Navas, Peter
Schachte, Harald Søndergaard and Peter J. Stuckey
Analyzing array manipulating programs by program transformation
- Nada Sharaf, Slim Abdennadher and Thom Frühwirth
A Visualization Tool for Constraint Handling Rules
- Salvador Lucas, Jose Meseguer and Raúl Gutiérrez
Extending the 2D DP Framework for CTRSs
- Ahmed Nagah, Amira Zaki and Slim Abdennadher
Exhaustive Execution of CHR through Source-to-Source Transformation
- Sandra Alves, Anatoli Degtyarev and Maribel Fernandez
Access control and obligations in the category-based metamodel: A
rewrite-based semantics
- James Lipton, Emilio Jesús Gallego Arias and Julio Mariño
A Declarative Compilation of Constraint Logic Programming
- Jose F. Morales and Manuel V. Hermenegildo
Pre-indexed Terms for Prolog
- Norbert Preining, Kokichi Futatsugi and Kazuhiro Ogata
Liveness properties in CafeOBJ - a case study for meta-level specifications
- Wlodzimierz Drabent
On completeness of logic programs
- Ranjeet Singh and Andy King
Partial Evaluation for Java Malware Detection
- Raul Gutierrez and Salvador Lucas
Below Frozen Positions
- Md Solimul Chowdhury, Jia-Huai You, Wu Chen, Arash Karimi and Fangfang Liu
Polynomial Approximation to Well-Founded Semantics for Logic Programs with
Generalized Atoms: Case Studies

Program Co-Chairs:
     Maurizio Proietti, IASI-CNR, Italy (maurizio.proietti at iasi.cnr.it)
     Hirohisa Seki, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan (seki at nitech.ac.jp

Symposium Co-Chairs:
     Olaf Chitil and Andy King
     School of Computing, University of Kent, UK

Organizing Committee:
     Emanuele De Angelis, University of Chieti-Pescara and IASI-CNR, Italy
     Fabrizio Smith, IASI-CNR, Italy
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