[gambit-list] p-cos blog: A Lisper's first impression of Julia

Bradley Lucier lucier at math.purdue.edu
Tue Jul 22 14:53:08 EDT 2014

I'm CC'ing the gambit list.

See the script make_meroon in


Basically, it just concatenates some files to make two large files 
pre_meroon.scm and _meroon.scm, uses old-load.scm to load each form in 
pre_meroon.scm in order, and then compiles _meroon.scm.  I suppose one 
can get this to work on Windows.

Note that this version of Meroon has setters of the form 
<class-name>-<slot-name>-set! rather than set-<class-name>-<slot-name>!.

I'd be interested in seeing Simmer.


On 07/22/2014 05:41 AM, Riverola Garcia, Josep wrote:
> Hello:
> I was an early user of meroon for my simulation system Simmer, written in MacGambit for the Mac. Sometime after, that the school moved to Windows and I stopped ising Gambit  and Meroon. Now (twenty and some years later!) I would like to update Simmer. But I dont have a version of Meroon running on Gambit, nor I have the expertise to rewrite it. I have contacted with Christian Queinnec  but he was not able to help, since he is no longer supporting Meroon. I believe you have such a sysytem. Please, would you give me a pointer on obtain a version running on Windows and Gambit-C?
> Thanks a lot
> Josep Riverola
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> I found this discussion of Julia, a language in the tradition of Common Lisp, Scheme, and Dylan, but designed for scientific programming, quite interesting.  In particular, it has a lot of similar design choices to Gambit plus the Meroon object system that I’ve been using in my numerical partial differential equations course.
> Brad
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